First Sunday of Lent: “Depression Divides”

Depression Divides Sketch: Ronald Raab, CSC

Depression Divides
Sketch: Ronald Raab, CSC

“The Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert and he remained in the desert for forty days, tempted by Satan.” (Mark 1:12-15)

Jesus entered the desert and was tempted by the devil. The image of the desert is still ours today in this Lenten season. We enter the desert but not one in our world, we enter the various forms of deserts within our lives, souls and relationships. We have many forms of deserts in our lives, where despair looms and hope seems lost. One such desert is “depression”. The devil and Jesus in the desert speaks of the combination of darkness and light within our very lives.

I have learned a great deal about faith and God’s revealing love from people who suffer depression. I learn that I cannot blame people for their diseases and cannot control or fix their suffering. I can listen to the depths of loss, grief and self-loathing. I can be part of the solution on the journey with people who face the unknown deserts in life. The desert will lead us all more clearly to the joy and love of Easter.

However you can learn more about depression, please do so. Here are some articles and resources to get you started. Please consider learning more during these Lenten Days.


Click here for some statistics about depression. 

Click here for an article on being Catholic and suffering depression. 

Click here for National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) in Colorado Springs




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