The Corporal Work of Mercy:To give drink to the thirsty

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Session Two:

This is Fr. Ron Raab, host of On the Margins, with a Moment of Mercy:


The Corporal Work of Mercy: To give drink to the thirsty


Every week in our parish community, we offer bags of food to people who have lost their jobs or who are temporally struggling to make ends meet. Sometimes our supplies are depleted and the bags are only half-full. However, other times we may even have extra resources such as real, cold milk to offer people. Mothers are especially delighted when whole milk is an option to give to their children. Even the volunteers appreciate the unexpected quantities of milk that satisfy every member of a family that is thirsty.


I remember one hot, Sunday evening in August when our parish community served a meal for people who survive poverty. I had the opportunity to go around to the tables of homeless families and pour milk for the children. I could not believe their genuine response of appreciation. Their faces lit up when I kept coming back with more milk. I learned again that night that people are thirsty not only for drink, but real connection to other people. Milk that night was a way to connect with families depleted of basic necessities.


Jesus changed water into wine at a wedding feast and offered his disciples a sip of wine at the Last Supper. Offering people a glass of cold water, milk or juice is an offering mercy. We all thirst for respect, dignity and love. We cannot take for granted the clean water of the earth or the milk that sits on our breakfast tables or our call to engage people in their daily thirst.


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Please know of my prayer for you in this Year of Mercy




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