2012 Catholic Press Association Awards

First Place – Best Regular Column: Spiritual Life
Celebrate! Magazine
Getting Our Feet Wet 
(Spring 2011) 
| Message in a Bottle (Summer 2011) | Off The Wall (Fall 2011)
“The author offers insight and inspiration in each column, driving the reader to think about each column well after reading.”

2012 Canadian Church Press Awards

First Place – Column Category
Celebrate! Magazine
Getting Our Feet Wet 
(Spring 2011) | Message in a Bottle (Summer 2011) | Off The Wall (Fall 2011)
“The author writes from a powerful place – his own perspective – and never lets the reader forget that. First-person writing of this form is tricky, because the writer runs the risk of not relating his own experiences to those of the reader. No such issue here, as time and again, the author succeeds in relating his experiences to those any of us might have encountered within our lives. His voice is very real, very engaging, and I couldn’t stop reading piece after piece. Every once in a while, you come across a writer whose work you want to continue to follow. I’ve just added another name to my list. Good stuff!”

2011 Catholic Press Association Awards

First Place – Best Regular Column: Spiritual Life
Celebrate! Magazine
Wheels of Misfortune (July 2010)
| Saint Doorkeeper (September 2010) | Advent: A Housing Project (November 2010)
“Father Raab’s columns are marked by strong, clear, and vibrant writing. His descriptions are earthy yet deeply spiritual creating vivid word pictures that fill the reader’s imagination. His stories connect everyday life experiences with profound connections and meanings of the sacred. These columns reflect theology made real and invite readers to a deeper spiritual life.”

Third Place – Book: Liturgy
Real World, Real WorshipWorld Library Publications, Franklin Park, Ill.
“Wonderful personal reflections on the intersection of liturgy and life from the perspective of a pastor of a city parish serving the poor and those on the margins of society. Very creative method of forming ministers.”

2009 Catholic Press Association Awards

First Place – Best Essay: Professional & Special Interest Magazines
Celebrate! Magazine
Trinity Blest (
May 2008)
“Clever lead with wry humor and true-to-life recurrences prompt reader to continue reading. And the reader is rewarded with adroit weaving of a couple’s story with some of the essentials foundations of Catholic faith.”

2009 Associated Church Press Awards

Award of Merit – Seasonal Article (Judged by Nancy J. Stelling)
U.S. Catholic Magazine

A Reading from the Prophet Bonnie (December 2008)
“Compassionately written, excellent imagery, nice taut style, great exposition, marvelous story of homeless and mentally ill Prophet Bonnie becoming a teacher for us all.”

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