Sacred Heart Church, Colorado Springs:

On the first Wednesdays of the month I offer a series of retreats usually held twice per day. We begin at 9:00am until 10:30am and then repeated at 6:30pm until 8:00pm. Please check our parish bulletin for the latest in the series. Click here.

Parish Retreats

I am available for retreats for parish groups or extended retreats called parish missions. I usually begin parish missions preaching all of the Masses on a particular weekend and then leading evening talks for at least three evenings during that week.

I have recently preached the following parish missions:
St. Matthew Parish, Hillsboro: Advent 2010: The Unsheltered Heart
St. Jerome Parish, Largo, Florida: Lent 2011: Meet me at the well
St. Mary Magdalene Parish, Portland: Lent 2011: Into the wilderness
Saint Ignatius Martyr Parish, Austin, Texas: Lent 2012: Communion in the desert: The search for prayer and justice  

Holy Redeemer Church, Portland, Oregon: Lent 2013: Cultivating the Fig Tree

Saint John the Evangelist, Viera, Florida: Lent 2013: Coming to our senses

I connect the Eucharist to service in the world. I will share my own ministry among people living in poverty forms his faith, life and service in the Church. I invite all people into this honest, genuine prayer and mission toward justice. Parish missions support our ministry of the Saint André Bessette Catholic Church and so I ask for an honorarium of $2,000.00 for the week. For more information please email me:

30-Minute School of Prayer

For the past several years, I have been offering an opportunity after Sunday Mass to reflect on personal prayer. Our sessions have included the mechanics of managing time, place and resources for personal prayer. We have also discussed how the Scriptures lead us into personal prayer and contemplation.

I invite you to continue to reflect on prayer and some of the issues that may become obstacles for personal silence and reflection. This school of prayer will be an occasional series that offers simple observations about creating silence and a deeper path to God. The sessions are designed for you to then meditate in silence for twenty to thirty minutes in your home or any place where you create a safe place for prayer.

View now – Each of the sessions are numbered to create the series. Please feel free to suggest ideas or obstacles or resources about your own meditation times and silent prayer.

Personal Poverty Retreats


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