I realize every day that so many people are never emotionally free from the slavery of generational poverty, multiple addictions and long term mental illness. The longer I am in the midst of people’s stories, the more I depend on God to heal the souls of people who cannot find their way out of darkness, loss and grief. God’s love compels us into the messiness of service, rolling up our sleeves to find healing to situations that may never be solved.

The work of justice begins with building relationships with people. These relationships will determine how things need to change for society and the Church. Our community realizes on a daily basis that we cannot fix people’s lives. We cannot solve the mystery of long-term poverty or all the ways people are marginalized by addictions and mental illness. I now realize that only God’s fidelity can heal people. Our actions toward serving people is a mutual realization that healing comes from being in relationship with people who suffer the tragedies of being shunned, put down and disregarded in life. We all experience a personal poverty, the ways in which we all need God and one another in order to survive.


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Sidewalk Soup – August 2009, Ministry & Liturgy Magazine

Personal Poverty Retreat – February 2008, Ministry & Liturgy Magazine

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