Scripture and preaching led me to ministry and priesthood. I remember a young priest who preached in the aisles of my home parish when I was in high school.  I heard the stories of Jesus in a new way. I was compelled to explore ministry because of what I heard in that small parish in Michigan.

I have been preaching myself now for thirty years. Preaching has led me to various church aisles throughout the country. The Word has formed me in ways I cannot articulate. Preaching now among people living in poverty continues to change my heart and how I approach and pray the Word of God. I have been deeply humbled by people’s stories of surviving addictions or living through years of mental illness. All the issues of urban poverty teach me an even greater dependence on God’s love and mercy.



The Yellow Pages
September 2008, Ministry & Liturgy Magazine

Sock Exchange
November 2009, Celebrate! Magazine

1 thought on “Scripture

  1. Dear Father Raab-
    My wife Marie and I occasionally travel up to Cascade to Holy Rosary Chapel for Sunday Mass. We also attend Holy Apostles closer to home. I thank you for your thoughtful homily today. Along the lines of your art class experience, Picasso once famously said when asked what makes an artist, replied “Who you are.” Not your drawing ability, or your skill at composition, but who you are. Thanks for reminding us to “see” with greater perspicacity. You and your ministry will be in my prayers.

    Bill and Marie Nolan
    Colorado Springs

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