Notre Dame Conference on Catholic Preaching

I attended a conference on Catholic preaching at Notre Dame this past week. Three hundred and sixty people gathered for the three day event. Bishops, priests, deacons and lay preachers gathered to hear thirty speakers. Holy Cross priests,  Bob Loughery,  Joe Corpora,  BIll Wack and I spoke on a panel about preaching among people living in poverty.

I was deeply moved listening to my Holy Cross brothers tell of their experiences of change, conversion and insights about their ministry of preaching among people surviving urban poverty in Arizona and Texas. I learned much about the ministry of the Word as well as their lives as priests and ministers.

I had the opportunity to meet many people and hear about their circumstances of ministry and their insights into the Word. I also caught up with old friends and told tales about years of friendship around ministry and the gospel. Mary Oliphant is a lay preacher and dear friend from my days in Chicago nearly 25 years ago. In this photo, Bob and Mary and I are attending the closing banquet just after our presentation.

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