NPM Keynote: Comments from the blog, Pray Tell

This is from the blog, Pray Tell. Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB is the author of this vital on-line source for pastoral and academic liturgy and resources.

Fr. Ronald Raab CSC gave the keynote address on opening days which caused quite a sensation. Everyone here is speaking of his “most moving ever,” “unbelievable,” “life-changing” talk. Fr. Raab is on the staff of Saint Andre Bessette Church in Portland, OR, with a special ministry to the vulnerable and marginalized. He spoke with great conviction of connecting Eucharist to those without enough to eat, connecting God’s free love in the sacraments with those suffering from depression or addiction. I have more to say about the ministry of the Downtown Chapel. Watch this space.

You know, you can have all the “sacred” Latin chant in the world, all the beautiful polyphony, all the resplendent ritual (all of which I happen to like), but without loving outreach to society’s outcasts – the ones Jesus hung around – it’s all empty idolatry.

Choir of the youth for Morning Prayer

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