The Unsheltered Heart: An At-home Advent Retreat


My latest book, The Unsheltered Heart: An At-home Advent Retreat will be released tomorrow, Monday August 27, 2012. I am very excited to present this third and last Advent retreat on the Cycle C Sunday Gospels. The retreat begins on the FIrst Sunday of Advent, December 2, 2012. This is the first Sunday of the new liturgical year. I am very grateful to our parish for living the gospel of hospitality every day in our urban community. Here is a description of the book from Ave Maria Press:

Award-winning author Ronald Patrick Raab, C.S.C., makes Advent a transformative journey through spiritual direction within a daily pattern of prayer, reflection, and action in The Unsheltered Heart: An At-Home Advent Retreat (Cycle C). Raab draws on his life and ministry at the St. André Bessette Catholic Church in Portland, Oregon, where his daily encounters with people living with poverty, homelessness, addiction, and mental illness complicate the meaning of the Incarnation in a fractured world. His narrative style unsettles, challenges, and enlightens, yet in the end offers the hope of Christ dwelling among us. The Unsheltered Heart provides a popular five-step retreat format for each day of Advent: pray, read, reflect, write, and act. The Sunday gospel readings for each week of the season underpin the retreat and a guide for optional reflection in small groups is available for free download.


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