Something beautiful

Floral arrangement from this past weekend

Every Saturday morning Kim Foren, owner of Geranium Lake Flowers, gives the parish a bouquet of flowers that will not last until the next week. Sometimes she will give us arrangements from banquets or conferences that her crew has decorated. However, on most Saturdays she hands me random flowers that would normally not go together or find their way to a wedding feast or charity banquet. This past Saturday she offered me these pink Gerber daisies and these branches bearing red berries. She told me that she was going to throw these away after the business closed on Saturday. The flowers become something beautiful for spiritually hungry people who gather in our chapel on Sunday morning.

So many people commented on the color combination and the beauty of the bouquet this past weekend. I realized that we create beautiful things from many other donations here as well. Several times a week the local Marriott hotel donates leftover breakfast food catered from conferences at the hotel. We warm the food with a new imagination. We serve it to guests in combinations that would normally not fit into the usual business conference of morning faire. The food becomes something beautiful for hungry people who line up along side our building in the morning hours.

People donate their time to volunteer. This time could have been used in different ways. Instead people use their time and talent to wash feet, to bake cookies, to listen to veterans, to wash dishes or to welcome the first time guest. We collect clothing that is no longer suitable for the donor. We offer clothing to people who need to stay warm in the Portland winter. These are just a few ways in which something beautiful happens from the scraps, the short supply, the leftovers, the throwaway time and the worn clothing. Miracles happen with the oddest of combinations or the colors most people would not put together. Miracles happen from the short supply, the briefest of conversations and the moments of grace.

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