Change is in the air

This weekend’s flowers that have outgrown summer

Mother Nature flipped a switch on Friday. Our three-month span of warm temperatures and sunshine changed within minutes to a cooler, darker day to end the workweek. I drove in the pouring rain to St. Martin’s Abbey in Washington and the rain continued all the way home. When I arrived home, I heard how difficult it was for our daily guests who were caught off guard in the change from summer to autumn. They were not prepared with warmer clothing, blankets and shoes. The weather is more than a topic of polite conversation, it really affects the lives of people who live outside.

I walked around the path along the river on Saturday morning. I noticed some large planters of flowers near a hotel. I stopped and stared at them because they have outgrown the large containers in which they were planted in early spring. The were beautiful, striving to grasp just a little more life before winter. They seemed spent. They were going to seed, they had done their duty, they responded to the warm sun of summer and the fertilized soil in the pots. I felt so grateful for not only the beauty of the foliage but the fact that they naturally did their part and now it is time for something different.

The photograph is the floral arrangement in the sanctuary from this past Sunday. Once again it comes from the generosity of Kim Foren. I admit she caught me rummaging through the trash container in her store for the twigs and fall leaves. I could not let these colors just die in the trash.

Change is in the air. Autumn brings a sense of change from within our lives as well. The colors of faith come from the soul. What in your life is changing naturally? What change seems forced upon you? To what do you cling? What changes will be a great gift for your life? Perhaps today, before we get too used to the rain again, we can ponder the profound and the trivial changes of our lives.

1 thought on “Change is in the air

  1. A thoughtful posting, Father. I am so glad to have a moment to be able to read the people I care about. I guess that’s one at least temporary change right there – I hope to make it at least semi-permanent!

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