Holy Orders and Matrimony: Stained Glass Windows at Saint Francis Xavier Church, Burbank, CA

Holy Orders and Matrimony

Holy Orders and Matrimony

Here is the sixth window in the series on the set of nine stained-glass windows from Saint Francis Xavier Church in Burbank, CA. This next window is the sacraments of Holy Orders and Matrimony. I hope you enjoy the series. The text that follows is from a booklet I wrote in 2000 and edited by Jim Fanning. 

Immediately we see in this window both of these sacraments of love and service in view of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection. Marriage and ordination in the sign of the cross signifies our vocations are in Jesus Christ and within the Church. The two hands of marriage are in a bond of hope and fidelity. The two hands of the priest are in prayer for the Christian assembly.

Icons: Upper Left: The boy and girl hand in hand under the fruit tree suggest children are the fruit of marriage. From generation to generation, the promise of God’s covenant is passed down in love and commitment. Upper Right: The elderly couple witnesses to the Christian community God’s fidelity and commitment. Love is lived in many forms depending on the various times of life, including the embrace of suffering and ill health. Lower Left: The table and chair are the center of communion and fellowship both at home and at church. The table is the place where families grow together, and in the church where the presider leads the prayer of the Eucharist, helping the parish family grow together. Table fellowship unites families, both at home and in church. Lower Right: This is the window of our vocations in the Catholic Church. This icon offers us a view of the tools- computer, paintbrush, hammer, scissors, briefcase- of our many vocations. Our daily work is sacred. The work of our lives, our hands, our minds is divinely guided.

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