Jesus and Mary: Stained Glass Windows at Saint Francis Xavier Church, Burbank, CA

Mary and Jesus

Mary and Jesus

Here is the seventh window in the series on the set of nine stained-glass windows from Saint Francis Xavier Church in Burbank, CA. This next window is Mary and Jesus. I hope you enjoy the series. The text that follows is from a booklet I wrote in 2000 and edited by Jim Fanning. 

In this contemporary and compassionate image of Jesus and Mary, we have spiritual access into their relationship as mother and child. Notice Mary’s hand extended to suggest our invitation into her love and compassion. The gesture of her hand also patterns the cross to tell us the reason we remember Mary and the other saints–the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. The child’s foot is beginning to move away from the relationship, indicating the life and ministry of Jesus that was yet to come.

There are many images of Mary. Each culture has special symbols important to many people. These images speak to us at various times in our own lives depending on our emotions and needs.

Icons: Upper Left: The Immaculate Heart of Mary speaks of her compassion toward us. Upper Right: Mary, Queen of Heaven, the first person to receive the promises of the Risen Christ, an eternal home. Lower Left: Mary, the Mother of God. The birth of Jesus offers compassion and hope to all parents. Lower Right: Mary, Mother of Sorrows, the Pieta, speaks of human suffering, grief and loss. Images of Mary speak to all our human emotions.

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