The Holy Spirit and Pentecost: Stained Glass Windows at Saint Francis Xavier Church, Burbank, CA

The Holy Spirit and Pentecost

The Holy Spirit and Pentecost

Here is the eighth window in the series on the set of nine stained-glass windows from Saint Francis Xavier Church in Burbank, CA. This next window is The Holy Spirit and Pentecost. I hope you enjoy the series. The text that follows is from a booklet I wrote in 2000 and edited by Jim Fanning. 

The sacred images in stained glass are not only about the past. The Holy Spirit is present in us and the Church today and tomorrow. This Pentecost image reveals God’s animation of the Christian people. The Church in great diversity comes together through the gift of the Holy Spirit. The fire and dove unites the people in conversation and prayer. The Spirit is invisible but gives life if we know it or not, signified by children looking away.

These icons are taken from Sacred Scripture, Revelation 5. “The Lamb that was sacrificed is worthy to be given power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing.”

Icons: Upper Left: The hand showers blessings.  Upper Right: Crown of glory and lamp of wisdom.  Lower Left: Hands of blessing and laurel wreath of honor. Lower Right: Sacrificial lamb; chair and scepter of power and strength.

Oral Tradition: Dark water: Notice the “dark” water in the blue waters of baptism on each window. This is to suggest sin and division in the human experience of being Church. Sin is washed away in baptism. Ferris wheel: One of the ways the parish community of St. Francis Xavier has expressed unity, fun, common work and energy, has been through the annual Old Tyme Country Faire. Our faith community is alive in God. Lance and shield: The parish school and its active role in the faith community is symbolized by these signs of faith and strength, indicative of the school nickname and sports team title, The Lancers. Oil lamp and book: The burning flame and book of Scriptures symbolizes the divine inspiration and preached and proclaimed faith of the parish.

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