Simplicity: Session Three


I wrote this retreat on simplicity in 2001. These ten sessions are the beginning of a new series here on living a simple life. I hope these sessions open you to the foundations of living a life of simplicity, learning what is essential from the inside out, a process of faith and prayer. The essence of simplicity rests in our deep faith experience of the Paschal Mystery. All things die. New life emerges. This pattern is the element of God’s creating plan. Jesus’ dying and rising reveals the brevity of life. We cannot ultimately possess or control life. Life is a great gift given from our loving Creator. I hope you enjoy this third session. You may download the entire series here:

 Simplicity:  Loving, Living, Serving by Ronald Patrick Raab, C.S.C. (Fatima Retreat Center, 2001)


Session Two: Your Life is Enough


  • What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Would you rather be some one else? Or have a different past? Or have different relationships? Or other talents and gifts? Or different fears or concerns? Do you see yourself as an image of the Holy?
  • To simply find God is to see clearly the gift of your life. You mirror the Holy. You are enough. You have been made and are continuing to be made in God’s image.
  • To find the energy of God, to seek refreshment and grace, to know reconciliation and wholeness is not to apologize for who you are. No matter where you have been or where you are going, you are enough.


  • Jesus said, “He is speaking to you now.”      John: 9
  • We are truly his handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to lead the life of good deeds which God prepared for us in advance.                                               Ephesians: 2
  • …persevere in running the race which lies ahead; let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who inspires and perfects our faith.                                         Hebrews: 12
  • It was not you who chose me, it was I who chose you.         John:15
  • I sought the Lord and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears.    Psalm:34


God of my entirety, as I seek you, there are days I want to run from my mistakes, from all the regrets of my past, from the turmoil of hidden secrets, from the confusion of broken relationships. Gentle Spirit, give me a peaceful soul to rest in the assurance of your life within me, my mistakes, my joys, my fears and my talents. As I seek to serve, I bring all I have and all is your gift. Amen


  • Review your mistakes of the past.
  • Relive the fractured relationships of the past.
  • Receive the grace from your divided life.
  • Remember your regrets and disappointments.
  • Realize your unique relationship with God.
  • Reclaim the truth of your life, your desires, your hopes.

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