Conversation of Creativity I : Stained-glass windows at St. Francis Xavier Church

Holy Cross 300 adjIn January 2000, I spoke about the initial design concepts for the nine stained glass windows for Saint Francis Xavier Church in Burbank, California. Walter Judson (died in 2003) from the Judson Studies and Arpad Maghera, artist from Judson Studies and I discussed for two hours the basic theology in art and design for these nine windows. I speak about my concepts which became these beautiful windows for the parish community. I convey my first thoughts about what the windows could become. Walter and Arpad are hearing these ideas for the first time. This is a great moment of creativity and theology. This audio was given to me recently by the Judson Studio archives. I hope you enjoy this creative moment caught on tape from over thirteen years ago.

The explanations of each window have been previously published on this blog. Simply insert “stained glass St. Francis” in the search bar to read about each window.

This is the first of three sessions I will post from this conversation.

Listen now: [audio]

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