8 thoughts on “A new chapter: Colorado Springs

  1. Congrats Ron! Missing you right now as we are in Portland for a quick trip =-think of you with grateful hearts as we passed St. Andre Bessette. Hope all goes well with you! Lucky people in Colorado Springs.

  2. Welcome, Father Ron. You showed up during our monsoon season-perfect time to get your feet wet! We live in Woodland Park but travel down the Pass to Holy Rosary most Sundays stopping in at Sacred Heart at least once a month. It is a busy parish, a wonderful parish and you will be made to feel right at home. Looking forward to meeting you soon. Cookie and Roger Kotulla

  3. Happy to see your smiling face next to the church sign. You seem happy in your new environment.
    What a change. You were a gift to Portland and now you are a gift to Colorado.
    Bob & Nancy Cretsinger

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