Social Ministry Gathering 2013: Keynote address


Catholic Charities will gather people involved in outreach services in all of our parishes in the Diocese of Colorado Springs on Saturday, October 5, 2013. I will offer the keynote address based on the title of the conference, “To Know One Another By Name.” I am delighted to share my experiences working with people on the margins of society. Click here to read more about the conference.

Our greatest need in life is to belong. We need to feel safe in the world. We are part of God’s plan, no matter who much money we posses or our past mistakes, or our present addictions or illnesses. To know one another by name is not only a polite gesture, but this risk affirms our commitment to enter into relationship with people. The gospel calls us to visit the stranger, feed the hungry and give the thirsty a drink because people need to be honored, loved and accepted for the truth of their lives. When we reach out to others in need, we do so not to make us feel good or to build up our ego, but to recognize the dignity of all human life. We do not blame people for their situations in life, or their disease or their misfortune. We build up the Body of Christ by calling one another by name and learning that every life matters. We all belong to the healing and love of Christ Jesus.

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