Fragments from The Word: Luke 19:1-10

These reflections are the leftover fragments from my homily at Sacred Heart this morning, Sunday November 3, 2013. Luke 19:1-10. The Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time. 

Fragments from The Word

Fragments from The Word

We all ache for a new perspective in life.

The young mother remembers her abuse as she overly controls her child.

She cannot breathe without feeling the abuse in her body.

She longs to see herself, her family and God with a new perspective.

A teenage boy gets his body pierced again so people will notice him.

He wants people to see him differently because he feels lost and invisible.

He wants to fit into whatever crowd will notice him.

We desperately want to climb out of our troubles.

Instead we descend into situations that often blind us.

We fall into places first to hide from ourselves.

We descend into bottles of booze believing no one will notice us.

Our bloodshot eyes blur our vision of our own lives.

We creep into a life of isolation so not to expose our pain.

We hide behind food to satisfy or anger to keep others away.

We fall into denial so not to feel anything.

We build walls to keep family and friends away from us.

When we think we are at our wits end, we gaze upon Zacchaeus.

He climbs a tree to get a new perspective on life.

He is compelled to see Jesus in the crowd.

He is short in stature and short on insight.

People are in his way; his tippy-toes are not high enough.

He climbs a tree to see himself differently.

He ascends to see Jesus who promises him something new.

He straddles a tree to see himself differently from the inside out.

He attracts the attention of Jesus who wants to dine with him.

He gains an entirely new way of seeing.

Zacchaeus sees his possessions differently in view of Jesus’ love.

Zacchaeus even changes his perspective of people.

The real treasure of God is the poor, the people Zacchaeus now sees.

Jesus desires to dine in our house today.

Jesus invites us into relationship so that we will all change the way we see life.

Our hearts desire the perspective of the sycamore tree.

The sycamore tree becomes the cross of Christ.

Our old perspectives give way to a vision of love and hope for all people.

In the book of Wisdom today, we hear, “For you love all things that are and loathe nothing that you have made.”

3 thoughts on “Fragments from The Word: Luke 19:1-10

  1. Thank you for the time you spend in prayer. You are such a blessing in my journey with The Lord.

  2. “Zacchaeus sees his possessions differently in view of Jesus’ love…Zacchaeus even changes his perspective of people…The real treasure of God is the poor…” An encounter with Jesus changes everything and helps us to get in touch with our own poverty when we turn from Him. When I realize the depth of my own poverty and my deep need for Him, it draws me closer to all humanity. How can I look at others with anything but love, then? (Thanks Fr. Ron, for your reflections and sharing the fragments.)

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