Fragments from The Word: Matthew 24:37-44

These reflections are the leftover fragments from my homily this morning, Sunday December 1, 2013. Matthew 24:37-44. The First Sunday of Advent.  

Fragments from The Word

Fragments from The Word

I saw a man sleeping all bundled up on a bench near a parking garage. His belongings were piled up around him. He seemed so lost and alone.  Has he been left here on earth?

I sit with an elderly man who just lost his wife after a long illness. His tears flood his soul. His heart aches with loneliness. Has he been left here on earth?

Are these the people that the gospel speaks of who were left here on earth?

Is it our duty to care for those who are left? We do not know the hour the Son of Man will come. The thief is brutal, stripping us of relationships, soul mates and lovers. Life is short and precarious.

Am I blind to those who suffer here and now?

Stay awake! I wish I could pay attention more to what is going on around me.

I wish I were not so sleepy and absorbed by my own self-doubt, second-guessing and jealousy. Selfishness is not easy to be awakened from…

What am I being called to pay attention to? Who do I need to really see? To what purpose am I to be awake?

I want to surrender to your presence within me, O God.

Help me surrender all that I am and have on earth.

Help me surrender without question, the talents and gifts you continue to give me.

I want to surrender. I want, to want to surrender and even to want, to want, to want to surrender.

This Advent, I surrender again to the ways you call me to love and invite me to follow.

Stay awake and surrender to the love God has for you.

Come, Lord Jesus.

1 thought on “Fragments from The Word: Matthew 24:37-44

  1. Dear Ron, a beautiful homily! Every time I read one of your homilies, my mind and heart take a little mini retreat. As we used to sing at the end of Lucinarium, “Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!”

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