Fragments from The Word: Matthew 1:18-24

These reflections are the leftover fragments from my homily this morning, Sunday December 22, 2013. Matthew 1:18-24. The Fourth Sunday of Advent.  

Fragments from The Word

Fragments from The Word

Fourth Sunday of Advent

December 22, 2013

The rush of prophetic voices is softened by Joseph’s dream.

The finger pointing of John into the direction of the adult Christ is replaced with waiting for Jesus to be born.

John’s cry that repentance finds a place within us now becomes a tender moment of an expectant father’s dream to keep his family safe.

We all dream that our fears be released.

We all dream that our decisions be directed.

We all dream that God will be born in our loneliness and uncertainty.

We all relinquish our fears and surrender to the miracle of God in our own lives.

God desires to be born within our actions, our perspectives and real lives.

God desires that we surrender to love in our relationships.

We model our dreaming after Joseph.

We dream big to keep our relationships safe and healthy.

We dream big to make sure people are clothed and have safe shelter.

We dream big to feed the starving and comfort the grieving.

We dream big to welcome immigrants and work for peace abroad and at home.

We dream big to make sure our hearts are open to receive the living Christ.

We wait for Christ to break through our lives.

We wake up in these Advent days to surrender to love.

“Do not be afraid.”

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