Fragments from The Word: Matthew 2:1-12

These reflections are the leftover fragments from my homily this morning, Sunday January 5, 2014. Matthew 2:1-12. The Epiphany of the Lord.   

Fragments from The Word

Fragments from The Word

Epiphany January 5, 2014

Matthew 2:1-12

We are all searching for a “white-light” experience.

Where the past will be forgiven and forgotten.

Where the future will be outlined with assurance and certainty.

Where relationships will be fruitful and generative.

Our searching does not come with such clarity of vision.

Our search comes from seeing the light in the cracks and broken places of life.

Our search takes us into the darkness first.

Our search is usually into the places where pride, illusion and shadow live.

Today we search with Kings and nobles through desserts and into the night.

Today we search with the hope that a star will lead us into a greater light.

Today we search bearing the gifts that will rest at a child’s crib.

Epiphany Light will give us peace.

Epiphany Light is the true presence of God that gives direction and hope.

Epiphany Light foreshadows Christ’s resurrection.

Let us walk in the Light together bearing gifts to bring the King.

Let us give gifts of our true selves to the light that is the true Light.

We find the Light in the unexpected places and over-the-shoulder glances.

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