Fragments from The Word : The First Sunday of Lent: March 9, 2014

Fragments from The Word




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Fragments from The Word: Matthew 4: 1-11

Sunday March 9, 2014

We long for a new watered garden of hope.

We wait for new seeds from the despairing sands of doubt, revenge and anger.

We journey through narrow, scorched paths of sorrow, sadness and un-forgiveness.

A lasting spring garden waits in our souls.

The deserts on our earth are nothing compared to these deserts within our hearts.

Long droughts of illness scorch our self-worth.

Ancient hurts from childhood wilt in our deserts of loneliness.

The tight, dried soil of hope waits to be renewed from the holy waters of baptism.

We are tempted by wrongdoing and we weaken our defenses.

We think we can live on our own and not fear anything.

We believe we can meander through the wildernesses of temptations and evil.

We cannot find our way out of the desert on our own power.

The desert of Lent that is within our hearts will lead to the Garden of Life.

Easter will break through even the most barren and hardened of hearts.

New Life will settle in our thoughts and rouse our spirits.

Hope will be lived in us all who believe we are guided by Christ’s love for us.

1 thought on “Fragments from The Word : The First Sunday of Lent: March 9, 2014

  1. Fr. Ron,
    I found you from your reflection published in my daily prayer book Give Us This Day for Feb. 21entitled Love That Heals. I have been enjoying Fragment of the Word ever since and would hope that I eventually get to meet you. I attend STM in Centennial and don’t get to the Springs that often, the last time was for Archbishop Chaput’s talk last year.

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