Fragments from The Word : Matthew 17:1-9

Fragments from The Word

Sunday March 16, 2014
Listen now: [audio]

Second Sunday of Lent

March 16, 2014

Fragments from The Word

Lent explores our journey into Resurrection Light.

We glimpse this holy light on this ancient mountain of Transfiguration.

This light is just enough to keep us going.

We see Jesus differently.

He belongs to the Father and the Holy Spirit.

His authority to lead us is seen differently now.

In this Lent I want Jesus to have a new authority in my own life.

The disciples wanted to stay with him.

I cannot blame them.

Their eyes capture his divinity.

They bask in ancient, sacred light.

Their lives make sense.

They want to build tents, put down roots and make a home in his enduring presence.

I wish I could have seen what they saw.

Jesus says that they must tear down the tent idea.

The disciples expressed their fear, of course.

Jesus says not to be afraid.

He always says that when he reveals his divinity anew.

I cannot blame them in their fear.

He said that more is to come and that more will surprise them.

He said to carry their experiences back down the mountain.

He urged them to be motivated from their eye-burning experience.

Some day soon his resurrection will clear their fear from their lives.

They will see with perfect vision from a different mountain.

We wait in Lent to see what the disciples saw.

Calvary will give them new eyes with hindsight and us a new hope for tomorrow.

The empty tomb will be a light for all ages to come.

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