Fragments from The Word : John 4:5-42

Fragments from The Word

Sunday March 23, 2014



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The Woman at the Well

Fragments from The Word

An exhausted woman who survived multiple marriages arrives at the village well under the noonday sun to retrieve a jug of lukewarm water.

She brings her emptiness and finds Jesus.

Who today is searching for such an encounter?

Who is bringing his or her emptiness to Jesus but does not yet understand what they seek?

A young man with a tattoo sleeve reeking of pot ambles into my office to talk about his past.

A bright-eyed, twenty-something woman catches me on the sidewalk outside the church and wonders if she could speak with me about her abortion last year.

An elderly man with mucus running down on his lip sits across from me and spills out his story about his many marriages and that his children no longer speak to him.

A lip-pierced youth musters the courage to open up her story of drug use and her despise for the Church, her future and her family.

A handsome gentleman in a freshly pressed suit whispers his story of his heroin addiction to me in a cramped confessional. He is about to lose his job, his wife and the future he dreamed about in college.

A young woman wearing a new burn scar on her face slowly unravels her story about her latest encounter with a former boyfriend who was finally jailed for abuse.

A young mother at wits end searches for answers across from me about raising her children in the midst of her obsession for a man who is not her husband.

We all bring our emptiness to Jesus.

We are filled with love.

We have a chance to witness his love to others, a love from the depths of our own emptiness.

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