Fragments from The Word : John 9:1-41

Fragments from The Word

Sunday March 30, 2014



Listen now: [audio]

The man born blind

Fragments from The Word

Blindness destroys relationships and distorts the truth.

A man was murdered at the door of our Portland parish ten years ago.

Numerous witnesses saw someone stab the 18 year old nine times.

No one saw anything when asked by police.

A teenage girl wants to be seen by her father.

She cuts herself to get his attention.

Her father does not notice.


A wife set her house on fire because she wanted to be seen by her husband and children.

She still goes own living in their blind spot.


Jesus invites us to see as he sees.

We approach him in our blind spots.

He re-creates us so that we may see with clarity and hope.


We often approach the Light with trembling.

We may carry guilt and shame from our past.

We may prefer to live in darkness because we fear letting go of old relationships.


Jesus pats spittle and clay on the eyes of a blind man.

He reminds us that we have the potential of new life.

Our baptism is constantly washing sin, doubt and selfishness away.

Baptism changes our view of our relationships, the world around us.


Our blindness can be transformed into love.

We can learn to see the truth and to live in hope.

The bright light of Christ’s love changes our sight and insight.

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