Fragments from The Word : John 11:1-45

Fragments from The Word

Sunday April 6, 2014



Listen now: [audio]

Fragments from The Word

Fifth Sunday of Lent

April 6, 2014

We are never dead in God’s eyes.

No matter our past decisions or present day choices.

No matter the sin that shuts doors and fills our hearts with emptiness.

No matter the deep tunnels of denial, hatred or conflict.

These restraints never keep us from God’s love.


God rips open the dark tombs that keep our eyes closed and full of tears.

God unties the restraints of hatred, loneliness and self-pity.

God opens the tombs of past actions and feelings that we do not belong.

God invites light into our sad and death-laden hearts.


Jesus reminds us that death gives way to life.

Jesus also stands among us saying that his life will teach us how to humanly die.

Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection are our freedom, our liberation.


We must allow Jesus to do the work of liberation and forgiveness.

Our hearts will live again, beyond our human experience of darkness.

We need to accept the gifts of salvation from the hand of our Savior.

Lazarus, pray for us!


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