Pentecost: Welcome from our parish bulletin June 8, 2014

We welcome travelers from the plains vacationing in the mountains.

We welcome long-time parishioners who walk here to very familiar, creaky pews.

We welcome sojourners, seeking to find the inner voice of hope.

We welcome seekers, sporting new tattoos from the parlor across the street.

We welcome sports enthusiasts, jogging up Pikes Peak this week.

We welcome cyclists, training for endurance sports and blazing new life paths.

We welcome people in recovery from alcohol, attending meetings in our parish center.

We welcome people with alcohol breath, seeking new life and forgiveness.

We welcome struggling artists, making a living along Manitou or Colorado Avenues.

We welcome children looking for Santa in the mountains of Cascade.

We welcome parents fretting about their children who do not come to church.

We welcome children worried about safety for aging parents.

We welcome believers, resting in the assurance of God’s love.

We welcome doubters, skeptical that God cares about them.

We welcome people in abusive relationships, those who wait for freedom.

We welcome our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, waiting for acceptance.

We welcome men with filthy, callused hands struggling to make a living.

We welcome lost children who do not feel loved by their parents.

We welcome sinners, fretting about their place in our pews.

We welcome people who have been hurt by clergy, who feel left out from the Church.

We welcome grieving families and strangers, those who believe they will never heal.

We welcome people smothered in cynicism, waiting for healing and a breakthrough.

We welcome people who are searching for a spiritual home.

We welcome former prisoners, people longing to escape the past.

We welcome our veterans, proud of the past and searching for what is next.

We welcome people living with disabilities, people with great hope to bring.

We welcome newborns, infants who cry out for attention.

We welcome people living with mental illness, those who hear voices in the night.

We welcome liturgical musicians, singers of hymns and psalms.

We welcome liturgical ministers, serving the Body and Blood of Christ.

We welcome all people who long to believe in the healing promise of the Holy Spirit!


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