Exaltation of the Holy Cross


Painting by Ronald Raab, CSC Title: "Abandon"

Painting by Ronald Raab, CSC
Title: “Abandon”

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Sunday September 14, 2014.

I started painting and drawing lessons this past summer from Lisa Lundquist, a Sacred Heart parishioner. I painted this image of Christ last Saturday for this Sunday’s celebration of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Learning to express myself in art is an energizing experience for me since I have not picked up a pencil or a paint brush in over thirty years.

I am just beginning to create art. I will post my drawings and paintings on this blog to help tell the stories of people who are marginalized and who most need God. You will notice on this blog that all of the photos of people are in black and white and the photos of Christ are in color. This is intentional, to show the vibrant face of Christ in my work. This picture of Christ is created with acrylic paint. I have never used acrylics until a couple of months ago. This is a new and energizing form of story telling for me and I hope the art will help us all break open our stories in Christ Jesus.

5 thoughts on “Exaltation of the Holy Cross

  1. How deeply moving! This article and the article “Off the Wall” was cause for deep thought. May I always recall your words as I gaze upon the crucifix for the remainder of my life. I pray that your words move me to reach out to Christ in the brothers and sister God brings into my life. Your ministry continues to remain in my prayers. I am deeply grateful that I am being blessed by the Spirit working in, through and with you.

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