Holy Cross Priests: “Preaching among the poor”

Sorry for the technical difficulties when I posted this last evening. The video is not allowed to be transferred beyond Youtube. This video is taken from the Notre Dame Conference on Preaching from 2012. My fifteen-minute presentation is at the end of the video. Listen to my brothers reflect on their preaching among various communities that are considered “poor.” So here is the link to the video, click here. 

3 thoughts on “Holy Cross Priests: “Preaching among the poor”

  1. I did find the link on my own by searching for the Notre Dame Preaching Conference 2012. Thank you for sharing this profound reflection that provoked an examination of my own thoughts and responses to the impoverished individuals in my life and those I encounter in society. I so admire and am moved by the stories you share of your ministry among those who struggle with the various difficulties/disabilities in life. Through your stories I recognize my own impoverishment and need to rely on the mercy of our merciful and loving God. May God continue to bless you and your ministry, Father Ron!

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