“Nothing Else to Give” Matthew 22:15-21

"Nothing Else to Give" Drawing by: Ronald Raab,CSC

“Nothing Else to Give”
Drawing by: Ronald Raab,CSC

I sketched this face in just a few minutes. The quick-draw reminds me that the details of many people in poverty are seldom known to most other people. This face also reminds me that society seldom cares for the detailed needs of such people, they are easily out of our sight and concern. People are often considered worth-less. This face says to me again that we all belong to God. We are called by God to give ourselves not only to God’s love and plan, but to live that love in our world where people are ignored and lost.

The title of this face tells us that we give from our need. We give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and we give to God what is God’s. For so many people, there is nothing left to give Caesar, but we give to God the essence of our lives, the poverty of our humanity. Our true worth comes from the image of Christ on our hearts. Our value does not come from the image of Caesar on a coin. God then, in mercy and love, takes care of our lives, our hearts and our future, in Christ Jesus.

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