“The Searching Christ” Matthew 22:34-40

FullSizeRender (7)


The Scriptures call us into the depths of God’s love for us. We are to love God beyond anything or anyone else on earth, with our entire hearts, with our very lives. We are also called to live that love in the world. The same love that claims us in God, we are to offer to other people. We are challenged to live beyond our negative attitudes or degrading thoughts. We are to love those who have less power than we do, widows and orphans, people who are hungry and without shelter. We are to replace our cultural power with the love of Christ for other people.

The charcoal drawing today is called, “The Searching Christ”. Jesus’ face turns to seek us out, to find us even when we believe we are unlovable. Jesus searches out after us, when we are lost among our own false opinions and self-sufficiency, among the fray of feeling left out, among our loved ones with whom we cannot reconcile. Jesus teaches us to love the Father and invites us to love people in our world. Jesus is the presence of hope within us, the attitude of non-violence and the new openness to all people.

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