Lent 2015: “Hearing Voices”

"Hearing Voices" Sketch: Ronald Raab, CSC

“Hearing Voices”
Sketch: Ronald Raab, CSC

Thursday of the First Week in Lent:

“Lord on the day I called for help, you answered me.” (Psalm 138)

“Ask and you will receive; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be open for you.” (Matthew 7)

Today’s gospel is so beautiful and consoling. There is a profound richness in the realization that God hears us and is willing to give us good and fulfilling things. However, if we are poor, if we are ill throughout our lives, if we have yet to be satisfied by God, we can hear this gospel and believe that God does not listen to my concerns.

Today, I also want to focus your attention on people who ask God for relief and hear other voices in return. Many people hear strange and violent voices in their minds. These voices lead to despair and unimaginable suffering.

I invite you today in the Lenten season to learn something new about schizophrenia. This disease is severe and lifelong. We need one another to become educated about this disease so to learn about people who are marginalized, especially among people who cannot afford medication. During this Lenten season we are all called to extend our awareness into areas of life that challenge us.

Here are some links to further our conversations:

Click here: On hearing voices

Click here: video from a woman who was treated for hearing voices

Click here for an article from Mayo Clinic on schizophrenia. 

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