Lent 2015: “Women in Poverty”

"Women in Poverty" Charcoal: Ronald Raab, CSC

“Women in Poverty”
Charcoal: Ronald Raab, CSC

Pope Francis’ intention for evangelization during the month of March is:“That the unique contribution of women to the life of the Church may be recognized always”. I want to add to his request that we especially pray for elderly women in poverty during this Lenten season.

Click here to learn more about the rise of elderly women in poverty. 

Click here for an article from CNN Money about elderly women.

Click here for a radio interview on homeless women. (Please take seven minutes to listen to this radio interview about homeless women in San Francisco)

For women who live on the streets, the circumstances are even more dire. Women experiencing homelessness are vulnerable and invisible. Women tend to hide and sleep during the day and stay awake at night no matter their age, so not to get robbed or beaten or raped. Women also become caretakers of children, grandchildren or great grandchildren no matter where they live. The burdens put on women in poverty in our country are breathtaking.

Today, remember the strong and vital women that keep the Church alive but also learn more about the invisible women who are surviving longterm poverty.

Give a hearing to the poor, and return their greeting with a deference; Deliver the oppressed from their oppressors; right judgement should not be repugnant to you. Be like a father to orphans, and take the place of a husband to widows. Then God will call you his child, and he will be merciful to you and deliver you from the pit. (Sirach 4:7-10)

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