Lent 2015: “The elderly and medications”

"Which pills do I take?" Charcoal: Ronald Raab, CSC

“Which pills do I take?”
Charcoal: Ronald Raab, CSC

Today’s gospel is about the man who sat at the pool of Bethesda waiting to be healed. He sat there for thirty-eight years. Jesus heals him. Jesus invites him to take up his mat and walk. Today, many elderly women and men wait for such healing. Prescription drugs are a concern for our older population. People struggle to see the pills, to read the directions and remember when and how to take their medications.

Elderly people are often confused about the right use of these medications in order to find healing and pain management. “Did I take my pills today?” “I really cannot see my pills?” “Do I take them all at once or space them out during the day, I cannot remember?” “I thought for sure I took these pills this morning, I better take some more.”

Let us pray for our women and men who need assistance in their lives for the healing they need. Let us lift up to Jesus our cry for healing in mind, body and soul. Let us hear for our own lives Jesus saying to us, “Rise, pick up your mat and walk.”

Click here to read more about the difficulties older people face with medications. 

Click here for a quick fact sheet about our elders and prescription drugs. 

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