The Resurrection of Christ: Stained Glass Windows at Saint Francis Xavier Church, Burbank, CA

Today’s gospel from John, “I am the vine you are the branches.” This consoling image is seen as a thread through the nine windows I helped design from Saint Francis Xavier Church in Burbank. I hope you will pray with this image today, to remain connected in Christ Jesus, to behold the love that is past down from generation to generation. You are part of the plan, the life of love here on earth.

Broken But Not Divided

The Resurrection of Christ Jesus The Resurrection of Christ Jesus

Here is the last window in the series on the set of nine stained-glass windows from Saint Francis Xavier Church in Burbank, CA. This next window is The Resurrection. I hope you have enjoyed this series. The text that follows is from a booklet I wrote in 2000 and edited by Jim Fanning. 

The entire Christian life begins and ends with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this image, the Tree of Life sprouts from the leaping waves of water– our new baptismal life. All the sacred images of these windows are rooted in the Resurrection. Jesus’ life continues in us and the Church. The figure of Jesus is Resurrection, but also suggests the Ascension. The outstretched arms of Jesus hint at his death on the cross but are also a gesture of prayer, welcome and embrace, inviting us into eternal life. The entire Paschal…

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