Sacred Arts Showcase!

Sacred Arts Showcase! Saturday June 7, 2015

Sacred Arts Showcase! Saturday June 7, 2015

Tomorrow, we will host at Sacred Heart Church, “Sacred Arts”!

From 4:00pm until 9:00pm. Reception from 6:30pm until 8:00pm. Join us for dessert and live music! Art work will be on sale, priced from $10-50. All proceeds will benefit our Music Ministry in the Tri-Community.

Lisa Lundquist, our teacher, deserves so much acknowledgement. She has put together a program this year for so many people who are hurting, addicted and grieving and has helped them work through their issues with drawing and painting. Nearly 60 students have participated in her “spiritual painting” classes. Lisa has also worked with our Holy Cross novices for ten years.

I see this art program as part of the New Evangelization that Pope Francis is asking us to be part of, ways in which we can invite people to explore their lives in God. I am so happy to host this class at our parish center. Pictured: Sherri, Annie and myself, we are part of the Friday class. Thank you, Lisa!

For those of you who are in the area, I hope you can join us!

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