1 thought on ““Jesus, wait for me”

  1. I recently wrote a poem called “I Will Wait For You”
    I will wait for you is the echo of the Universe.
    I am never alone nor abandoned
    because everything waits for me.
    My life waits for me to unfold it.
    My death waits for me
    to carry me into infinite LOVE.
    My soul waits for me
    to love and cherish Her intimately.
    Healing waits for me to discover its gentle kindness.
    The ones that I love and failed
    wait for me with an unconditional embrace.
    My next breath waits for me
    over and over again, without prompting.
    Every creature and every part of creation
    waits for me as memory and promise
    of well being, of oneness, of wholeness.
    “I will wait for you” is the echo of the universe and of Me
    I, too, say “I will wait for you”.
    Sharon Schuh

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