“Thomas, the wonder of faith”

"Thomas, the wonder of faith" Knife Painting: Ronald Raab, CSC

“Thomas, the wonder of faith”
Knife Painting: Ronald Raab, CSC

Thomas, show me how to touch the wounds of the Risen Christ.

Help me probe the mystery of suffering when life overwhelms people.

Teach me to reach out from my apprehension to honor his sacred scars.

Give me courage to befriend what I fear.


Thomas, you stood with your brothers behind locked doors unable to confirm their words.

Let me not hesitate to examine what is dark, lonely and shadowed within me.

Help me from my own vulnerability to affirm the testimony of believing people.

Give me courage to befriend what I fear.


Thomas, I beg you to show my heart how to believe and my lips to speak the truth.

Open my narrow perspectives as you reach out to the nail marks on Jesus’ hands.

Release my worry as you put your hand into the Savior’s side.

Give me courage to befriend what I fear.


Part my lips and show my heart how to sing your profession of faith,

“My Lord, and my God.”


( I just painted this piece this afternoon. This is my first face painting with a knife. On this Feast of Thomas, Apostle, I wanted to share his face of wonder and faith)


2 thoughts on ““Thomas, the wonder of faith”

  1. Sweet Ron, Count of the Bonny Dunes, Earl of Notre Damreich……First of all—-thank you for the accolades in your FOCI and I feel perfectly comfortable in being in your back pocket. Did I really say that stuff about having prayers in your back pocket? You need to know that I have a 4″x7″ book, “A Primer for the Visiting Organist” GIA 2007 which gives guidance to an organist substituting at a church not of his or her religious persuasion. It sold a couple of copies. Perhaps, I should develop a companion book based on your observation of Hipfull Prayer. How about a volume called Buttock Meditations. Let’s re-connect sometime in August, somewhere. best love. f
    OH…when did you start knife art? Ron….they’re wonderful. I want to buy all of them –sort of.


  2. What a marvelous line – “Give me the courage to befriend what I fear”. If only we were all able to do this more regularly and routinely.

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