A prophet’s longing

aug3015 2

Jesus, said, “Amen, I say to you, no prophet is accepted in his own native place.” Luke 4

It takes courage to see the world differently. Imagination, creativity and awareness are often in short supply, especially within the Church. We desperately need new witnesses, new prophets to speak up and look out in our time and place. We need peace, harmony and the basics of food, housing and jobs.

A prophet’s place is simply to connect love with despair, compassion with hopelessness, courage with fear, all in new and unexpected ways. A prophet longs simply to make hope work for people.

So many people live in fear of the plight and desperation of others. We all fear letting go of the things that are most valuable to us, our health, our homes and especially our loved ones.

Last night our parish community hosted the Lord’s dinner, a weekly meal that is open to all people. The meal takes place every week at Sacred Heart Church and nine different churches provide food on a rotating basis. We seated 150 people in our parish center, many of whom were families looking to get by until their paycheck this week.

In many ways, serving people is a profound and prophetic act. However, the gratitude that emerges during an evening like last night truly lifts everyone’s spirits and makes life meaningful. A courageous act is simply to step out of our comfort to make the connection that we are all one. We are all in need of the basics of life, all longing to belong, to be loved and seen in the world. We all hunger for the same things.

A prophet of today longs to see the world differently, to recognize that we have an opportunity to reinvent how we relate to one another, to house people, to feed them, to offer them a cup of milk and to remain grateful. The prophet’s longing reflects the ache of every human heart.

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