Fr. Frank Quinlivan, CSC


Fr. Frank Quinlivan, CSC, a missionary from Bangladesh, preached at the weekend Masses last weekend at Sacred Heart Church. Frank served as master of novices for six years beginning in 1984. I have known Frank since 1974 and he is still a spiritual mentor for me and for dozens of Holy Cross religious throughout the world. I am so glad he came back to Colorado Springs for the first time in 24 years. We collected over $6,400 for our missionary efforts.

1 thought on “Fr. Frank Quinlivan, CSC

  1. Dear Ron, What a great picture of you and Frank! I have fond memories of Fr. Frank too, during our formation days. Please give him my ‘hello’ and I’m so glad he came to visit! My thoughts and prayers are with you this day. -Danny Z-man

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