All Saints: “Let Heaven Rejoice”

Finger Painting:

Finger Painting: “Let Heaven Rejoice” Ronald Raab, CSC
October 31, 2015

We are all on an incredible and passionate journey toward heaven. Our life on earth remains a constant challenge to say, “Yes!” to the remarkable power of God. The Holy Spirit’s invitation to love is always with us, even when we think we are not worthy of forgiveness or mercy or kindness. Our hearts bear the beauty of God’s grace if our eyes are open or not, if our souls are receptive or burdened, if our lives are lived with faith or doubt.

Our journey to heaven means that we enter more deeply into the meaning of our humanity. We are to put into practice the Beatitudes in daily life. We are reminded today that the path toward sainthood is found in the messiness of life here on earth. We do not slavishly copy the life of Jesus, but we enter into the real truth of our lives. We are to live our honest selves. We use our unique path to get to heaven and to serve people here on earth. We are to listen to the weary and the lost, we are to befriend those who grieve, we are to work for peace and befriend those who search for mercy. We carry our crosses today and the burdens of those who have only suffering to offer.

The Holy Spirit constantly reforms our lives, always moves us into a deeper trust in God if we can crack open our stubbornness and insincerity. We are never too old to learn something new, never too tired to bear the commands Jesus may have for us, never too sick to believe that Jesus is with us. Saints are not made of stained-glass or carved from marble or wood. Rather, saints come from the uncertainty of daily life and the miraculous power of faith in action. Saints are formed from God’s love and people’s belief that life has meaning.

Here are some questions for you to consider on this day that we celebrate our role models, our spiritual coaches, this day of ALL SAINTS.

I invite you this week to discover a saint that speaks to you. Pray with his or her life. Perhaps there are several saints that give you courage to move through your own obstacles in life. Here are some questions to consider:

How can you lean on one of our Church’s role models for help?

How can you let go of the obstacles in your own life in order to live the Beatitudes?

What do you learn about faith from examining the lives of the saints?

How do they teach you to pray?

How do they teach you to serve other people?

What are you gifts and skills from which the saints will help you form a life of holiness?

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