Reflecting on my life and ministry, “At Sixty”

"At Sixty" Painting: Ronald Raab, CSC

“At Sixty”
Painting: Ronald Raab, CSC

I celebrate my 60th birthday today.

This painting reflects my life as a writer, artist, preacher and priest. I used the November issue of Ministry and Liturgy magazine to express the heart of my ministry. The title of the feature article is “Unlikely voices”. Notice the drip of paint that covers the “s”. My life has been an “unlikely voice” to express the compassion, love and mercy of God for people who are marginalized. I also used the first page of my book, “The Unsheltered Heart” to express the path that I have found in ministry toward people’s suffering and consolation.

I am so grateful this day for my life and my ministry as a priest. Today, everything seems so intertwined, so beautiful and so filled with the Holy Spirit. I am so grateful for all the ways I can use my unlikely voice, through writing, preaching and painting to lift up our human poverty into the love of God.

With gratitude and prayer,


4 thoughts on “Reflecting on my life and ministry, “At Sixty”

  1. Fr. Ron, Glad I met Ya, but the Lord intended that as He made you as you and me as me. Happy Birthday! As we age and grow in wisdom, for me the 70’s are the new 60’s so for you, here’s hoping the 60’s are the new 40’s as you still have a lot to paint, draw, write, and speak for Him.
    Mike Kunsman

  2. Incase the other e-mail didn’t reach you–Birthday Blessings dear fellow pilgrim on the artist’s way. I revel in your progress as it adds to you ministry of reaching deeply into people’s hearts. Can’t send cake, but know of my prayers and encouragement for every aspect of your life. Annie

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