Epiphany 2016

"Searching" Conte sketch: Ronald Raab, CSC

Conte sketch: Ronald Raab, CSC

Father of Mercy,

Draw us closer to the gift of Jesus, your Son.

Compel us in love to search for you, to search for the healing we all desire.

Give us in the Christmas Season the profound awareness that you remain with us always.


Encourage our families to unite when we drift apart.

Love us when we feel we cannot love ourselves.

Help us know that our lives matter when we are told we do not count.

Give us peace when the noise of anxiety overwhelms us.


Help us to be bearers of hope when we follow our addictions instead.

Send forth your Light when we walk in darkness of dread and fear.

Bring tenderness of spirit when we are hardened by hatred and neglect.

Open the door to your mercy when we would rather hold us to our sin.

Send us a new vision of prayer when our hearts a closed with self-righteousness.

Be the Light we follow even in our darkest of days.


Give us joy in the Christmas season because we are in need of knowing you are here.

Love us when we stray.

Bring us peace because we are afraid.

Enliven our spirits in this Christmas season to discover you always and everywhere.





Please know of my prayer for you in these beautiful Christmas days.

Fr. Ron



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