Feast Day of Saint Andre Bessette 2016

"With the smallest brush" Painting: Ronald Raab, CSC

“With the smallest brush”
Painting: Ronald Raab, CSC

“It is with the smallest brushes that the artist paints the best painting” Brother Andre

I painted this piece with a small brush and my fingers. Saint Andre told us that the smallest gesture done in love really matters. He had no power or authority in the Church, yet he worked so many miracles and healed so many people. He was the smallest of brushes and God used him to paint a wonderfully beautiful life. Saint Andre was the first religious in the Congregation of Holy Cross to be canonized in 2010. READ “MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE” FROM 2011)

 Loving Father,

 Help us become your instruments of mercy.

Help us model our lives after the care and humility of Saint Andre Bessette.


He was illiterate and yet showed people how to live the Holy Word of God.

He was orphaned and yet welcomed people as brothers and sisters.

He was at first turned down for religious life and yet became our first saint.

He was frail in body and yet strong in his faith and courageous in his belief.

His local community marginalized him and yet he met nearly six hundred people a day.


He believed in Saint Joseph and his faith healed hundreds of people.

He rubbed the sick with oil and prayed for them during his sleepless nights.

He lived so simply and yet hundreds gathered to be with him in prayer.

He encouraged people to pray and confess their sins and realize God’s love.


He lived a full life until ninety-one even though his doctors thought he would die young.

He was patient for the building of Saint Joseph Oratory and he gave everything to God.

 Saint Andre still baffles many in our religious community who are known for education because in simplicity he found God. 

He educates us still by living a simple, prayerful life in service for others.

 Saint Andre was not understood in his earthly life and may never be fully understood in his miracles and sainthood.

 Gracious Father,

 In this Year of Mercy, help us all claim our place on this earth to receive the love you have for us. Help us live for others and to die for our others who most need us.

 We ask this in the name of Jesus, the Source of Mercy, who live forever and ever.



Saint Andre Bessette, pray for us. 







1 thought on “Feast Day of Saint Andre Bessette 2016

  1. Good work, Ron, the compassion of St. Andre is represented well in your painting! I sang at the Cathedral here in LA today, and Monsignor Kevin did such a great job telling St. Andre’s story. God bless you, Fr. Ron, and Holy Cross on this feast day of St. Andre!

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