The Corporal Work of Mercy: Feeding the Hungry


From Mater Dei Radio, Portland, OR. I will be posting the seven Corporal Works of Mercy in these next days of Lent.

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Session One:

This is Fr. Ron Raab, host of On the Margins, with a Moment of Mercy:


The Corporal Work of Mercy: Feeding the hungry

Jesus invites us to feed the hungry as he feeds us with his real presence of mercy in the Eucharist. Food is a human need and the right of every human being. Even in our country, many people go hungry each day.


In our parish community, we host a meal on Sunday evenings to which everyone is welcome. Volunteers prepare a healthy meal and serve families in our parish center that arrive from various neighborhoods. Conversations with strangers fill our hearts at these tables. We learn about the real stories of people in need. We hear about the trauma of job loss, inadequate health care and parents struggling to feed their children.


People are more than the labels we put on them. People are hungry not only for food but to be connected to other people. Feeding the hungry also fills our souls. Mercy and miracles happen around those Sunday night tables. Feeding other people is more than about the food; it is about human and spiritual connection. When we sit down at a common table with others and listen to their stories of survival, we understand that feeding the hungry is a form of intimacy that connects every human person.


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Please know of my prayer for you in this Year of Mercy


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