The Corporal Work of Mercy: Visiting the Sick


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Session Five:

This is Fr. Ron Raab, host of On the Margins, with a moment of mercy


The Corporal Work of Mercy: Visiting the Sick


Every human being faces illness and disease. Bodily weakness, ill health and disabilities are a way of life for all people.


Jesus’ healed the sick and walked with people who were blind, lame and held bound by illness. Jesus not only touched lepers but also broke down the social stigma of disease. Jesus gave hope to people whose bodies were weak and he showed other people that faith so often comes from marginalized, ill people. Visiting the sick, holding the hands of the ill and sitting with people who suffer is a human act of God’s mercy.


Our parish community sends forth people with the host, the Body of Christ from Mass to engage other members of our community who are ill or homebound. These ministers bring the prayer of the parish to the bedsides of so many people who are alone and fearful.


As I present the Eucharist to these ministers after Mass, I send them forth with a prayer in these or similar words, “My dear friends, hasten to the bedsides of those who are fragile and frail, those who are alone in their suffering and those who fear death. Take to our absent sisters and brothers our care and concern and help them remain united to the Body of Christ and to our parish community. In Jesus’ name we pray.”


We find God’s love and merciful compassion when we share the Body with members of the body of Christ who are suffering from all sorts of illnesses.


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Please know of my pray for you in this Year of Mercy.



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