Lent 2015: “Jesus Remember Me”

Lent continues this year and we still sort through our lives and believe that so many other things will take the place of Jesus. We forget our reliance on Jesus. We think we can live without a power greater than ourselves.
This post from last Lent reminds us to live in Jesus and that Jesus will not for us. Learn to bring your hearts to the power of love, the love that sets us free.
Listen to this music and do not forget the power of mercy, love and forgiveness.

Broken But Not Divided

Jesus, remember me.

Do not forget the lonely gentleman boarding the bus today.

Remember Priscilla who cannot forgive her past.

Please remember to forgive those who live in bitterness because life is hard.

Remember your mercy when Joe shoots drugs to numb the pain.

Do not forget the children who cry in the nighttime.

Bring to your heart those beaten down by abuse.

Embrace the lonely people standing in line waiting for food.

Comfort people in loveless marriages.

Help us remember to love.

Help us remember to forgive.

Jesus, remember us who ache for a new life.

Remember to help the veteran to forget his last tour of duty.

Do not forget the grandfather who can no longer remember his own name.

Do not forget the man down the street who lost his job at the gas station.

Keep in mind the old widow in the corner cafe with the…

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