On the Margins: Luke 19:28-40


On the Margins: Mater Dei Radio, Portland, OR

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord: Luke 19:28-40


Welcome to Holy Week. Are you prepared to enter into the mystery of our faith, a week long journey into the passion, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus? Bring everything in your heart to this holy time; the misery and hardships; the love and healing in your lives to the mercy of the Lord. We celebrate today the entry of the Lord to Jerusalem. Ready your lives and hearts.

1 thought on “On the Margins: Luke 19:28-40

  1. Our lady of Sorrows, WOW, it says it all. Yesterday, I kept seeing Mary as she trailed the cruel crowd torturing Jesus up the path to Calvary. Horror unto horror, sorrow unto sorrow.
    Tomorrow, resurrection! I can’t wait!! Blessings–see you when you get back Annie

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