Lent 2016: Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion


“Crucifixion” by Ronald Raab, CSC 2015

I beg you to bend your knee to the dying and rising of Jesus Christ. This is the week when we tell the story of our faith. There is no other story that will satisfy our hearts or offer us the consolation we are looking for. Rouse your faith this week even if you are weighed down by life.  Stand up for what you believe even if your conscience is weak. Be present to the prayers and liturgies of this week. Be present to the emptiness and pain of your own hearts.

If you find yourself ensnared with hopelessness or if your life does not measure up to your own dreams, walk the redemptive journey to Christ this week. If you are addicted to pornography and power, then walk the way of powerlessness this week in our faith. If you do not get along with your children or have grown tired and angry taking care of your elderly parents, rest in the healing power of Jesus as he washed the disciples’ feet.

If you cannot bear the suffering of young girls and boys caught in human trafficking, then adore the cross of Christ where all suffering finds a home. If you are tired of violence and constant weariness, if you are angry about your spouse coming home from war, crippled and uncertain, then find your home under the shelter of Christ Crucified. If you want another chance with your estranged son, then pray to the Father of heaven and earth. If you have lost your way in your relationships, follow the path of this ancient story.

If you hesitate to believe then listen to Peter and Judas who turned away from Jesus. If your children are burdened by disease, depression and despair, then turn to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, who held the body of her dead son. Wipe the tears from your eyes this week if you are tied to the bedside of your sick child or your spouse with terminal disease. Believe in the story of Jesus and do not think that the story is stuck between the pages of the Bible or hidden in the silence of the pious.

I beg you to walk with Jesus this week. There is no other place to go, no other story that makes sense, no other story that will console the heart. Bend your knee toward heaven. Offer your heart to God again. Enter into the mystery of your suffering and for heaven’s sake be honest about your life and your need for mercy, consolation and peace. Tell the truth about the turmoil of your life and live openly toward God. This is our faith. This is place where new life can happen. This is the story of our conversion, toward the heart of Christ Jesus, in this week we call “Holy”.


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